The Arts Academy

Designing and being sensitive to surroundings does not always take expertise. Working with high school students at The Arts Academy certainly reminded me of that. In fact, the young group of designers excelled at certain dynamics of the project that can often be the most problematic in a corporate setting: team work, iterative solution generation (verse being attached to one solution), and encouraging each members vision to come into being (verses dominate personalities setting the pace and direction of the project.)




As an educator— I was most interested in the power of starting a project in the middle. As the workshop was so short — I took a chance and introduced a half-solved problem and let the group work with only minimal fenceposts: a few professional works for inspiration and a few design elements and principles + suggested roles (camera person, creative director…)


Perhaps most enjoyable was watching student designers engage in studio work (immersive  educational environment?) This group worked with energy, confidence, and curiosity that still makes me smile.

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