The Blender Awards

The Thomas Treadwell Library invited me to create an art project around the idea of protest. The framers of the project wished to bring the subject of protest within closer proximity to the Augustana College student in an effort to foster deeper consideration and reflection on the subject. And thus the Blender Awards were born. A committee (of one… me) looked around campus and decided which parts of campus were most in the need of being shook up.  And the winners are:

3rd place: The Library of Congress Classification System

2nd place:  Bathrooms: men or women.

1st place: Songs from Old Main.




The installation was originally made with white blenders. But people stole those. I replaced the white blenders with other white blenders. Eventually the stores in the area ran out of white blenders so I had to go to black blenders and tired of purchasing blenders we moved the installation inside. Turns out censors are chicken as no one messed with the blenders when under the watchful eye of the library staff.

The display provoked a great deal of discussion in classes and so I consider it a successful use of humor in order to discuss deeper issues facing a community such as inclusion and equality.

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