Color Theory




Recent Shows:

5.5.16.   Augustana College. Rock Island, Il.

4.6. 16 – 4.7.16.   St. Ambrose College. Davenport, IA.


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About Color Theory:

A collaborative project by Kayla Bushey and myself, Color Theory operates as a site of education for folks who think they are perhaps being fresh, friendly, or clever by saying things like:


You are pretty for a           girl.

I wish I were           so I could jump far like you.

Wow, you have good hair for a           girl.

Sorry, I am not really into           chicks.

I have never been with a           girl before.


Each statement (taken from actual + recent moments on a college campus) is inscribed on a plaque and installed at the base of one of the banners. The goal being to call attention to mindlessly repeating the toxic script of racism that still permeates our culture.