How Do I Look?

How do I Look? A somewhat common question asked when one wishes for feedback about personal appearance. Yet there is a second potential reading of this question: How do I Look? could be taken as a literal inquiry into the nature of our looking. This performative event functions as an invitation to survey what one notices (and implicitly what one does not notice.)
As an experience, the How do I Look? environments provides a framework encouraging thefluid role of participants as sometimes audience members, sometimes artist and yes, sometimes art.
As an art show, How do I Look? is entirely dependent on participants to supply the images for the show. Images are submitted by scanning a QR code or sending an email. Once submitted, the pictures instantaneously became part of the art show. The event creates both a social environment and, sometimes, a somewhat distracting spectacle.
Lox Salon show in Knoxville TN:
Living Sculpture Performance
During the audience generated art show… and through a process of decentralized WOM (word of mouth) communications, groups converge throughout the night as a living sculpture and then disperse as if nothing happened. Can you pick out The Thinker? Incredible Hulk? John Travolta? (unfortunately the mud flap girl was cut out of this photo.)

Lox Salon. Knoxville, TN

Augustana College. Rock Island, Il.


The 2×4 Gallery used for image projection.

Participant submitted content for How Do I Look? Knoxville TN. March 2, 2012.
Participant submitted content for How Do I Look? Rock Island Illinois.

November 17, 2014February 14, 2015.  Art Matters: Triennial Art Faculty Exhibition.