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My World… work shown by Bailey Kerschieter, Eileen Ruppel, Kelsey Olive, Paige Phelps, and Professor A.


The Beautiful Thing About Learning Is That Nobody Can Take It Away From You. Video here.

Student designers re-envisioning product messaging with consideration to gender:

Special thanks to the designers Brockton Anderson, Comet Blecha, Bailey Kerschieter, Eileen Ruppel, Emma Stough, Paige Phelps, Kirby Stockwell…

Outtakes from the creative briefs:

  • The competition for unisex deodorant is almost non-existent. The competition that does exist I believe is lagging in visual design. The unisex deodorants that are currently on the market are either unappealing in my opinion, or they still conform to the designs of previously understood gender styles.
  • The taste of the lipstick also stands out. When have we ever heard of Whiskey flavored lipstick?

  • …not everyone who wants to wear mascara wants to but something bright purple.
  • Men like to put up their hair into man buns and pony tails and need a product with packaging they can relate to.
  • Every time I am in the mood for something different and start to try Mikes Hard Lemonade I get.. “Isn’t that a girls drink?” or “Wanna have some tampons to go along with that?”

Making… Thinking… Making… Thinking…

The Make It Big, Steamroller Event that was started by St. Ambrose University in Davenport Iowa.  This event is a  large-scale relief print collaboration bringing multiple teaching institutions and community art centers together.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 9.29.07 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.59.05 AM

This GRD 225 project, the final one of the term, asks student designers to work in a studio format on an open-ended design challenge. The project is an opportunity for student designers to gain experience in working in a non-linear fashion from disperse points of inspiration, to move from research to deliverables, to navigate a creative project in which there are multiple stakeholders yet lacking one clear authority figure while pushing the boundaries of what it means to design. Each year the theme changes.

The process, different each year… once we drew for an entire studio session without anyone talking… not even the professor.  We drew to a folk opera.

The Augie Bubble…

The Panty Raid inspired Viking Ship…

Dr Wolfe (named real life super hero by the students…)

For the 2015 session, the design teams took on the challenge of inventing something new.

Boat Shoe Design Team

Names: Eboni Spencer, Ginger Hamilton, Matt Roche, Jake Lewis

Title of Project: Boat Shoe

Concept in One Sentence: To take a recognized brand of Sperry boat shoes and turn them into a actual boat shoe/sail.

Look and Feel: Futuristic look to Sperry boat shoes taking a literal sense and becoming a shoe that is also a boat.

Description: A Sperry Top-Sider boat shoe taking on a literal meaning as a boat shoe. Now instead of getting your shoes wet by puddles, they will float. The leather around the shoe and shoe laces are transformed into the sail.

Design Notes: The shoe laces and leather strings around the shoe are formed to make the sail. We are putting the boat shoe in a puddle for brick texture around the image, as well as to show the idea that shoes will now allow you to stay afloat in bodies of water.

Garbage Design Team

Brock McNinch. Lauren Greenfield, Comet Blecha, Julie Wang

Title: G.E.O. (garbage eating organism)

Concept: The evolution of trash cans into living organisms.

Look & Feel: Futuristic, evolutionary

Description: Trash can meets organic blob that eats trash to clean the earth.

Design Notes: Evolution image, advertisement.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 9.54.27 AM

Personal Cloud Design Team

Creative Brief

Alexis, Devyn, Amanda, Emma, Bailey

Title: Personal Cloud

Concept: A cloud that follows you with the options of changing the weather

Look & Feel: Imaginative, cartoon, futuristic.

Description: One big cloud with the option of selecting what kind of weather you want.

Designer Notes:  Drawer: Amanda. Tracing: Bailey & Alexis. Carving: Amanda & Emma. Supervising: Devyn (Will help when able too)

Pets for Pets Design Team

Creative Brief

Names: Kelsey Gorsch, Emalee Leigh, Chelsey Peterson, Kirby Stockwell, & Emma Stough.

Title of Project: Pets for Pets.

Concept: In the future, animals will have advanced so drastically to the point that what wenow consider pets will have their own pets.

Look & Feel: Cartoon-°©‐style, thick lined design.

Description: The bottom of the print will read “PETS FOR PETS” in Britannic Bold font. A dog will be on his hind legs, with a bowtie. The dog will be holding a leash that is leading to a cat. The cat will be holding a newspaper in its mouth.

Design notes: We had also considered doing a concept similar to “The Evolution of Man” with pets, but decided that it was too complex to draw and a more simplistic design would better translate on linoleum. We had also considered other slogans…

Process: GRD-225 goes over to St. Ambrose on print making day and…

Prints are shown in an end of the term public art show

Also one copy is places in the permanent collection at St. Ambrose. Other prints make their way home with students or into other art shows or sometimes are sold as fundraising…