One of my favorite things about  being a design professor is getting to teach process. And I LOVE it when new designers  “get concept” and make posters like these in a 200 level class:

Designer Trang Ngo’s final project  took the form of an interactive poster or “brochure.” Tracy selected the text  “Open Up”  which when taken literally instructs the viewer to open up the brochure.  This is the cover:

The inside content encourages the viewer (college students) to “Open Up” in a different way by  encouraging struggling students to seek counseling and to know they are not alone even though they might feel like they are.

Glen Williamson, designer in GRD 225.
 Through an economic use of words and the use of color and weight of line, the single word environment also conveys that it is on the individual (who lives in the environment) to take care of the environment.
This Poster Project was also envisioned as a bumper sticker and billboard:




Kelsey Olive’s  concept becomes a system.  The primary reading of song lyrics:“Touch My Body” and “Let’s Talk About Sex” are co-opted into a discussion about sexual assault via the secondary read: “Don’t Touch My Body” and “Let’s Talk About Sexual Assault.”

The designer then chooses to provide a definition of consent along with pointing to a website with more information.

Tony Dzik utilizes symbols from popular interface design to to craft a message  concept encouraging the viewer to disconnecting and reconnect.
Kayla Bushey,  Poster Project. Read more here.



Augustana College purchases two banners of Kayla’s work. One is on display year around in the Pepsico Recreation Center and the other banner is displayed during Track and Field Season in the stadium.

Lauren Becker, student designer in GRD 225. Poster Project:


Kevin Gordy, student designer in GRD 225. Poster Project:


Tyler James, student designer in GRD 225. Poster Project: