Prop & Circumstance

The “audience” generated the content of the art show during a two hour window of time at Downtown Gallery on April 27th 2012. Strongly influenced by postproduction theory, this project treats the gallery space as a space for use.




Taken at its most abstract level, Prop and Circumstance is a symbolic articulation that questions the structural relationships created by iconic forms (traditional arts), iconic spaces (galleries or museums), and iconic publics (audience).

As an experience, Prop and Circumstance borrowed from the language of sports to frame an aesthetic examination of a fundamental design principle: the point.



Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.20.15 PM

Once I had a vivid dream about a basketball goal where the backboard was made of eggs. It was gratifying to make this and see it really exist as a center piece to the show… However it was about a half a year after the show until I was able to eat an egg again.


Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.20.32 PM

Music is magic. Without it, this show could not have happened.


What exactly did  happen during the two hour show?  Each quarter (30 minutes each) the audience made the art show.

1st Quarter recap: inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s lifelong study of the point…





2nd Quarter : inspired by Louise Bourgeois’Personages…





3rd Quarter: inspired by James Victore





4th Quarter — I can’t remember who inspired this quarter but you can check it all out in the Prop & Circumstance Process Book if you like.