Question, Mark.


Recent Shows:

August 30-September 29, 2016.  Taking Issue: Politics, Privilege, and Our Collective Priorities. Memorial Union Gallery. North Dakota State University. Fargo, North Dakota.

January 28-February 23, 2016.  Marian Groves Mugar Art Gallery. Colby-Sawyers College. New London, New Hampshire.


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About Question, Mark. 

What may I know? What should I do? What may I hope for? These questions resonate as loudly today as when first asked by Kant. In the 230 years since, our best critical thinking has not resolved the mysteries surrounding our existence. It is within this shared space of not knowing that Question, Mark. is situated.

Question, Mark. began and continues as a collection of questions. I am fascinated with the potential of questions not as a means to an end but as inherent source of inspiration for mark making and living. I am interested in the ways in which a question might provide a framework allowing for complexity and pluralism. Perhaps it is through shared questions, not agreed upon answers, that we successfully address the tensions that arise as we attempt to embrace the multiplicity of history and the complexities of diversity. Can we move past the old propositions of modernity that assumes a subject?

Question, Mark. as an art show or public installation seeks to (re)present questions from many disciplines and cultures for public and private consideration. As a thinker and maker, I am interested in making value propositions informed by, but never limited to, the all too familiar language of commercial propositions.

Question, Mark. is made possible by the generous research support of Augustana College. Special thanks to my research assistants Kayla Bushey and Alyssa Reuter whose work has greatly expand the scope of this project.

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