Why is everyone staring at their phones?  We get a glimpse at just that as the private blends into the public during REPLY’ALL:
  • The REPLY’ALL crew asks people to share the last text message they received by writing it on a post card.
  • The REPLY’ALL scribes reconstruct the messages on the side of a motile using magnetic letters.



Once a message literally circulates around, a new message takes its place.

As this cycle continues, a kind of group-authored script is generated.
REPLY’ALL Chapter 1
The University of Tennessee
1.     Almost there.
2.     Sold.
3.     How Cute.
4.     Okay man I’ll talk with you soon.
5.     It sucks so whatever.
6.     Come cuddle then.
7.     Get your ass over here now!
8.     XOXOXO
9.     I think I’m going to the Cock n Bull For a Drink Tonight
10.  He’s lookin fine in this episode!
11.  Hows ur day?
12.  My bed is the most comfy thing in the world.
13.  Ride the wave.
14.  No way
15.  You suck so much cock right now.
16.  Thanks girrrrrl!
17.  Fucking kills.
18.  PIN:23A5CBCA
19.  We R in print shop
20.  Are we chop liver now? Have not heard from our man at UT at all! u ok?
21.  What class is it?
22.  You OTW?
23.  Do they give autopsy when your dead or alive???
24.  HAHA Making beats nice nice
25.  Cool. What you do to ur hand?
26.  I’ll see you at the arty turf.
27.  ass ass ass ass (song lyrics)
28.  Etta James just died!
29.  Hahaha seriously and he sounded so sweet and endearing on my answering machine!
30.  It’s alriht
31.  You up?
32.  Light sabers Do it.
33.  Kind er Toten
34.  You in class?
35.  Yes I am.
36.  I think calendar more important so we give it to them today.
37.  We’re over ur a fucking asshole I hope u go die in a hole!!
38.  C’ost tigidou Mon Lou. Jai recu ma mouwella suspon de la salle a manger.
39.  doh!

A text message displayed on the motile with magnetic letters.

40.  Awesome! I’m working on homework…
41.  Caffeine detox day two.
42.  Killing Naziiis, yeah yeah yeahhh, f…ing germans, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! Cause             he’s f…ing Harrison Ford!!! and he’s awesome, and badass and also Han Solo, yea                   yeahhh!
43.  Oh God Damn!
44.  Hey, ill be by at 1:30. can i put something in your mini fridge
45.  fuck it’s wednesday fuckity fuck
46.  Gum
47.  Aite
48.  Stop fuukinng sayiknk thstt
49.  Ok cool beans. I will.
50.  Cool, Thanks.
51.  Well alright then goodnight
52.  I’m not dumb?
53.  How do I get the N64 to work?
54.  Haha Good.
55.  You home?
56.  Hey can me & my friend come visit UT February 17th-21st?
57.  Let’s just do the banner on Monday, haha. Is there any way you could in the morning?
58.  A? Hurry the Hell up! I wanna eats
59.  Yes they r
60.  Haha ate ja
61.  Done with class!
62.  Dude. Do yo want to grab a drink later?
63.  Do you know of anything going on this weekend?
64.  I literally can’t stop watching.
65.  She has a devilish grin, did she just toot?
66.  I’ll just go but wine & drink it on the porch…
67.  I have no idea! We’re meeting his parents then going.
68.  Share the load (movie quote)
69.  Im sober because im dry
70.  Hey I was wondering where you where
71.  On my way to the building
72.  That F***** Blows!!!
73.  1
74.  I’m glad you had such a good time. We should go together sometime
75.  You’re great. Cheers.
76.  Thanks, sounds like a fun idea though.
77.  🙂
78.  It is darker than it looks in this photo.
79.  I fixed the “Chad” situation
80.  Is this going to be your next d&d character’s name?
81.  OK
82.  I definitely can. Sorry it’s taken me so long.
83.  Looking forward to it you evil fart magician!
84.  Haha OMG btw… you failed to mention that the appointment card Jeffrey found of                  mine was for the gyno… I’m sure he loved that lol
85.  Thought you might want to see this.
86.  You, ace, me brawl this weekend?
87.  Hey, who has the jerseys?


REPLY’ALL Chapter 2
Black Mountain College Museum {RE}Happening
1.     How’s 500 bucks sound to ya?
2.     Bananas
3.     Where are you set up?
4.     We all gonna be dirt in the ground (song lyrics)
5.     Yes… it’s that time of year again to blow up peeps in the microwave
6.     They were good, huh?
7.     EAGLE landed?
8.     Can my dad milk with you?
9.     Send me on my way (song lyrics)
10.  …making woopee (song lyrics)
11.  Ok, he will!!
12.  I know – so bad for you but delicious.
13.  What?
14.  Hey Aunt Kathy sry I haven’t txted u sooner.
15.  Ten four
16.  And see what they carry (song lyrics)
17.  Did you get Sophie in?
18.  6:01 PM O dk my phone’s about to die so…
19.  Yep! C u 8:30
20.  I’m good!
21.  It’s a beautiful day (song lyrics)
22.  It’s ancient pleasures duh.
23.  My daughter is 10 years old. (song lyrics)
24.  Hah that’s the one.
25.  Want O see the magnetic show tonight?
26.  I look beautiful in yesterday s make-up (song lyrics)
27.  Trippy!
28.  Tetris
29.  Happy Passover! Great to hear your laughter last night!
30.  Thanks! We’ll get together next time.
31.  Our cars pretty tight. Ima shower then leave. See u in a bit.
32.  Blow with the winds of change.
33.  Uh oh.
34.  Did you get fed?
REPLY’ALL Chapter 3
Augustana College Rock Island, IL. Symposium Day.
1.    How about you?
2.   Ok on our way
3.   I will leave in a few
4.   I am a baby! I love you
5.   Where are you in the wild blue yonder?
6.   Ok
7.   True
8.   I do know that
9.   Tu etait
10.  Let us in
11.  I went down a pants size!!! J
12.  Alrighty
13.  It was ok
14.  Now by Hanson
15.  MAXXXXXX !!!!!
16.  Oh num I’m getting lunch now sorry
17.  Hey, cutie J
18.  Live Love Laugh
19.  Was just about to text you, we are gonna head down now
20.  You’ll B in my heart
21.  That stuff that went up nose
22.  Yeah I’m fine. Just wanted to talk to you. J You alright?
23.  Hey where and what time is Karly’s symposium Day presentation. Does anyone know?
24.  This is “leisure” time
25.  (song) Old Men & children
26.  I literally almost peed my pants
27.  Nice Nice
28.  Nope. Holding down a full root beer at this point.
29.  Hey Sandra, I want to tell you that I really miss talking to you and our relationship. –             Which is why I was hoping you would go to Homecoming at Augustana on the 11th .               Call me when your available.
30.  Hahaha oh well they did! Lol
31.  Wooo!
32.  Booooooobs!!!
33.  I was drunk at the football game and it just went downhill from there
34.  Hahaha yeahh yay ignoring the government
35.  What performance
36.  It is normal
37.  You’re not the boss of me, Blues Clues!
38.  How’re you?
39.  Ya hopefully
40.  Mala lol.
41.  I’m note sure where the ribbon is… I don’t have it.
42.  Good morning, cutie 😉
43.  You’re note creative just dumb
44.  There’s this crazy guy talking about Jesus in the center of attention 101
45.  Hanson 305
46.  Gutentagen!!
47.  There is no need to apologize hun ….. goodnight
48.  Do you mind if Josh stays? Strictly sleeping, I swear
49.  Wanna go to the grocery store?
50.  The wheels of the bus go round and round
50.  The wheels of the bus go round and round
51.  We won 6 – 0
52.  Happy for her too J
53.  Wat room?
54.  We’re good! He’s coming October 4th -7th so I’m excited. I miss him.
55.  Well that’s good. Swimming on meds doesn’t sound very fun.
56.  I just got a care package from your mom. She is the best!
57.  Ahhh okay I will be by the clock by the science building so I’ll come over after and                   meet you there after mine    J
58.  Girl. Did you drop> You will not leave me there with him. I will literally carry you on               my back through the  rest of that class.
59.  Hey. Sorry. I didn’t get your txt til 2am. Talk to ya L8R!
60.  Yep – that would be great!
61.  “I remembered you whilst thinking about tea haha”
62.  Bitch
63.  I got some J
64.  Yeah!
65.  Right now I think I still am but I’m not certain
66.  It was good and much clearer now.
67.  Okay J
68.  Yep we know. Thanks.
69.  OK, thank you.
70.  Pretty good. Tired. Love you Lots and Lots.
71.  Your session looked lively! Great job packing so many people in!!
72.  Almost there I read the wrong email! Sorry!
73.  Love you
74.  I assume so. Just got out of choir. On my way back.
75.  I’m here. In parking Lot P.
76.  The thing around your neck
77.  I am soon on my way home
78.  Do you have 15 minutes to meet with me today or tomorrow?
79.  K
80.  Hey when are you ding your heywirething?
81.  EW. Lol you too.
82.  Where you at?
83.  Lawls … Hahaha sorry that was a bitch move but kinda funny
84.  Oh my gosh really?!
85.  Should we meet outside the library?
86.  Its going well, hows symposium day?
87.  P.S. its my money muahahah lol
88.  Yeah by the brew come up I’m done
89.  Meow
90.  Hey dude where are you?!
91.  OOOOOOh so intriguing. See ya babe J
92.  Okayy
93.  Dude, why don’t u just get on a plane and ditch class tomorrow? Like seriously you                 need to be here this weekend.
94.  When are you going to be here?
95.  Lo said she was gonna pay for it
96.  Ok. Have a good day bae
97.  Hello sir
98.  Hey hey. You said “The girl I have.” How serious is that?!? 0:
99.  Good, Lemme text u bak. Imma take a shower
Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 2.51.13 PM
100.                 Will do!
101.                 Glad to hear it- enjoy! Can’t wait to see u this weekend. Lov u.
102.                 Kk
103.                 It’s this hot air balloon thin for royal neighbors. I’ll still try to make it to your                          race!
104.                 Haha J
105.                 Thanks!
106.                 Sounds good!
107.                 Or with Kate Upton…
108.                 I’m here
109.                 No. Sorry :\
110.                 So am I
111.                 At work until 4 then Meijers mayb
112.                 Good morning honey! Check the mail soon for the package. I miss you so                                   much doll
113.                 If I don’t have vball one weekend then I will let you know! Hope we can do
                        something!  I miss you!
Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 2.51.22 PM
REPLY’ALL Chapter 4
Figge Art Museum Davenport Iowa
  1. OK thanks! Have fun at the art show!
  2. I’m on a call… will call you soon.
  3. Nose hairs can run, but they can’t hide.
  4. Not bad. We started a book about the relationship between baseball and the law today.
  5. LOL that’s definitely enticing. I kinda wanna go and get fucked up.
  6. I’m sorry, Kai. I forgot the carpet installer were coming today.
  7. Insurance adjuster called and will be at our house tomorrow morning at 7:30…
  8. Good
  9. You were the immediate culprit, per Henry, sorry.
  10. It looks like an Inspiron.
  11. Like first grade. She was there.
  12. This is where I leave you
  13. Just have them pull our logo
  14. I didn’t! But yes do that. I don’t have her information because she doesn’t live in Iowa – Could you send me her number?
  15. Olive good anime on my way home from getting lila
  16. No sorry. I saw after I sent it. We are at KP’s waiting for Brian to get home.
  17. I’m here.
  18. Where are you tonight?
  19. Bummer
  20. Ok, ur good.
  21. Don’t worry guys, you can touch my face this weekend!
  22. See you in a sec!
  23. To Davenport
  24. I came I saw I conquered
  25. Yep I’m right out front
  26. Yes, tell how sorry I am not to be there
  27. Ahhh… I love you & hope you have a nice evening also.
  28. There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. (song)
  29. OMG I hate these lights
  30. Stinker
  31. Meh, we’ll get there! And I’m so excited for chessy Indian goodness. See you soon!
  32. Great!!!
  33. Thanks! You are being very productive!
  34. Hope it goes well tonight. Have fun. Wish I could be there.
  35. It’s ok
  36. $10 per hour
  37. She Jelly!
  38. There are too many Christians at Dunn Bros!
  39. On my way
  40. Who the hell is Scott Siegling?
  41. I will
  42. Guess they got that wrong!
  43. could I? yeah
  44. Where are you?
  45. Thanks
  46. Good luck at your opening
  47. Whats your password
  48. Me too if I get in town and not too pooped
  49. Cage also needs dealt with
  50. Where are you?
  51. Is this a dressy event?
  52. Great
  53. I’m bringing a surprise to lunch (hint: it’s a person)
  54. Thanks for the maple leaf!
  55. Have fun!
  56. K:)
  57. And just got home… 1 ½ in the car… soooo glad tomorrow is Friday!
  58. Perfect! Talk to you then.
  59. What are you going to do about your student loans?
  60. Yea we could do dinner. I will need to go home first to change and let the dog out though.
  61. Shiiit
  62. You know what, I ummm……. Have to go?……..



its okay