The Drive Thru

The Drive Thru as a multi-layered performance event and art installation: A series of signs seek to frame conversation and invite reflection on our culture. Scribes work The Drive Thru asking the curious who approach two questions: “What do you drive?” and “What drives you?” The responses are combined to create a group-authored script.



The Drive Thru Chapter 1
The University of Tennessee
What Do You Drive?
Scott Aspect – Bicycle.  Ford F250 & CRV.  Mustang.  Chevy Impala 04 Model.  Chevy Cobalt.  Mazda Tribute.  No car. Walk.  Honda Civic.  A Car. A SUV. A Land Rover.  Ford Explorer Sport.  Cabrio.  1990 Corolla. S 650 65.  Daewoo.  Oldsmobile.  White Acura. Old one.  Whizzle Dach Fist Swirler.  Nissan Versa.Chevy Trailblazer.   1992 Dodge Grand Caravan.  Toyota Camry.  My Parents crazy.   Smelica.  Jeep.2002 Volkswagen Jetta. Her name is Vixen. Toyota Celica.  My feet. I am a biped.  A car.  Vehicle.  A Car.  Altima Coupe. When? Today? Toyota Highlander.  Toyota.  Toyota.  Toyota Corolla.  93 Lincoln Town Car.
Toyota Tacoma.  Toyota Tacoma.  Honda CVR.  Dodge Neon.   Mazda Protégé.   Toyota Prius.  I do not own a car.  Mercury Mariner.  Honda.  Driving a car. A Toyota.  Subaru Forrester.
Subaru Forrester.
What Drives You?
Uh, I don’t know, the good weather today.
I drive people crazy.
I do not know. That is a hard one.
To be a better me.
That’s a good question. Religion.
What? I do not have a parking permit…
Coffee. Music and tobacco.
Passion for excellence. No that is a joke. Social expectations.
Right now: 5 O’clock.
Very interesting question. Sir let me think. Service and patriotism to the USA.
Hmmm… creativity.
I do not know.
I don’t know.
Intuition and the will to create.
Dance. Music.
2002 Volkswagen Jetta. Her name is Vixen.
Everything around.
Creation drives me.
My Horse.
My grandchildren.
That is a hard question to answer. Enjoying life.
The comic book stand.
Kittens and Vodka.
Puppies and printmaking.
That is a good question.
(No response.)
Pursuit of happiness.
The Drive Thru Chapter 2
Augustana College
What do you drive?

Ford Taurus. Toyota Camry 98. Car. Honda Pilot. A Lincoln. My car. A Dodge. Chrysler PT Cruiser. A red Jeep Wrangler. Honda Civic. My feet. I don’t drive. Volvo. A CRV Honda CRV. Subaru. Kia Sole. VW Rabbit. Honda Accord. Prius. Buick Lesabre. My two feet. Mazda small SUV Tribute. Oldsmobile. Hyundai Tiburon “Sunshine.” Saturn LS “Megan.” Ford Escape. Grand AM. Ford Escape. I don’t have a car. Dodge Caravan. Your feet. Life. Anthony. Everything. Myself. Car. Honda Civic. I don’t have a license. Alero. Bianchi. Ford Fusion 2013 EcoBoost. Chevy Malibu. Toyota Highlander. Truck. 98 Pontiac Bonneville. Chevy Cobalt. A car. Toyota Corolla. I drive everybody else to do stuff. Pontiac Grand Pix. Buick Century. Honda Civic 2008 My car? Honda Accord. Ford Escape. Jetta 1.8 liter turbo. A car Fiat 500. Toyota Avalon. A Pacifica Chrysler. I don’t have a car. Toyota Celica. Honda Elements. Honda Accord. Ford Escape. Nisan Murano. Honda Accord. I don’t really drive at all. Ford Explorer. Define drive-car. Volkswagen Jetta 2007. Ford Taurus. Hyundai Elantra. Volkswagen Passat. I don’t have a vehicle. A car. Mom’s Ford Fusion. Anything allowed. 2008 Mazda. Jetta. Nothing. Subaru. Ford Focus. Car. Saturn L200 1993. 1999 Saturn. 2004 Ford. Jeep. Chevy Equinox. Expedition. Toyota Previa. I drive a Chevy Equinox. A Subaru Legacy. Automobiles? 2003 Honda Accord. 2006 Honda Accord. Honda CRV. Honda Civic. 2005 Toyota Calvary. Nissan Sentra. A car. 93 Toyota Truck. Subaru.


What drives you?
1.   Youth (young children.)
2.   Passion for education.
3.   Motivation to improve, wow… challenge!
4.   Wow, I have to think about that one- my job.
5.   Umm students.
6.   The desire to be happy.
7.   The act of creating in order to communicate.
8.   Passion if anything.
9.   Happiness/peace.
10. Friends-bus-bike.
11.  She took my answer- love!
12.  Laughter.
13.  Love of life.
14.  Ambition.
15.  Ambition.
16.  Music.
17.  Music.
18.  Music.
19.  The pursuit of truth.
20.  Curiosity.
21.  Happiness- generosity & God.
22.  Wrestling.
23.  Wrestling.
24.  That’s such a big question – knowledge.
25.  Music.
26.  Music.
27.  Motivation to learn.
28.  Knowing I have a purpose.
29.  Wonderful question –seeking something – anything – pursuing.
30.  Duty-music-creative problem solving.
31.  Anthony.
32.  Everything & more – I go for it – ya know?
33.  A new day.
34.  Car.
35.  That’s deep – faith.
36.  My friends.
37.  Want to make a difference.
38.  Creative exploration.
39.  Creativity.
40.  Music I guess.
41.  Motivation.
42.  Coffee.
43.  My mom – my family.
44.  Wow I was not expecting that – I think my passion to make a difference with special needs people.
45.  I don’t know – is that a tricky question? Technically myself but it’s a car that gets me around.
46.  Probably other people & volunteering.
47.  I drive myself crazy.
48.  I don’t know – whatever I have to do that day.
49.  Music.
50.  My legs.
51.  Good- I think my goals for life. Lots of different things – wanting to be a good dad – a good husband &        wanting to be able to serve.
52.  I don’t know – my friends.
53.  The car of course – my feet I guess.
54.  Umm – my major is biology – helping people – making a difference for them.
55.  My major – to do something important with my life.
56.  Ah –uh- ah – wanting success.
57.  Future plans.
58.  Probably future plans – just hoping to succeed the way I want to.
59.  Umm – the future.
60.  Motivation of others.
61.   I don’t even know- what? – Food, energy.
62.  Respect.
63.  Oh that’s a deep question- I don’t know – curiosity.
64.  Hmm – wrestling.
65.  Umm – ideas.
66.  Wow that’s more profound –silence.
67.  This damn job.
68.  Oh so many things – I feel fortunate – my family – my college – my students.
69.  Love of my family and friends.
70.  Basically the need to be successful.
71.  Ohhh… ya know – the environment after coming out of Chad Pernacke’s talk.
72.  Want to do new interesting things in life.
73.  Life.
74.  Tough – ahh – helping others.
75.  Umm – pursuit of happiness.
76.  The things I enjoy in life.
77.  Young people.
78.  Happiness.
79.  Knowledge.
80.  Mathematics.
81.  My mom.
82.  Positive experiences.
83.  The desire to enact positive change broadly.
84.  My parents.
85.  Making my family proud.
86.  They got us – I don’t now – I got nothing.
87.  Fear & panic.
88.  My personal goals & wanting to get better as a person & being able to create something unique that had not  been created before.
89.  That’s a good question – helping others.
90.  My passion for education.
91.  Ah – probably – I am passionate about the environment.
92.  That’s a very big question – probably family & friends.
93.  Getting to college.
94.  I don’t know.
95.  Red Bull.
96.  Doing something positive.
The Drive Thru Chapter 3
St. Ambrose University
3.27.2014 & 3.28.2014
What do you drive?
Myself around. Myself towards achieving my highest potential. VW Golf. A hard bargain.
Toyota. Infinity FX 45. Life. A Cobalt. Nissan Rogue. Hyundai Accent. Subaru Forrester – Black. A Kia. I don’t have a car. Subaru Forrester. Chrysler Town + Country. Dodge Grand Caravan. Taurus. A Buick. A Cavalier. Envoy. A Pontiac. Depends on the day. Mazda Protégé ’97 style, Sometimes 05 Ford Escape if I am Lucky. Umm… nothing.A golf ball around a golf course. Chevy Cobalt 2009. A car. A car. A car. A car. I don’t know. Oh I don’t drive anything. I drive my feet. Toyota Camry. Toyota Sienna. I think is the name. As a vehicle or ? Yacht. Like really? My stupidity come out. I’m confused. Sorry, I’m sick. I drive an Altima. Life. A gas-guzzler. I drive a car. Toyota Prius. Uh… a Toyota? I don’t drive.
I drive the world. Like a car or anything? A Ford Escape? What do you drive? I don’t know. What’s the answer to that? Hyundai Sonata. Ford Taurus. Honda Civic. Um. A Toyota Corolla. Saturn Ion. Nissan. My life. I don’t know. I drive a car. A Malibu. I drive a ’93 Honda Civic. My car. I drive a Subaru. Um. 2001 Chevy Prism.Toyota Corolla. Prius C.
Grand Prix. Buick Regal. 86 Toyota. Land Cruiser. Very fine automobile. Ford Fusion rental. Camry 99. Fuel consuming, expensive, boring old man’s car. Toyota Camry. Mazda 3.
Whatever I want.  Jeep Wrangler.   People crazy.
What drives you?
1.    My imaginations.
2.   People and things which make my mind and heart expand.
3.   Decorating.
4.   Visual beauty.
5.   I don’t know.
6.   Vickie.
7.   Love.
8.   I don’t know… my friends, family.
9.   My three year old.
10.  Umm… success. Is that good? Did I pass the test?
11.  Fear of not completing everything I want before the end of my productive years.
12.  The speakers.
13.  My friends.
14.  People.
15.  My kids.
16.  Trying to finish school, my children.
17.  My family.
18.  My family.
19.   I would say my family.
20.  What drives me? Um I don’t know. My family.
21.   School.
22.  The opportunity to contribute.
23.  Happiness.
24.  Wanting to please others.
25.  The Lord.
26.  Competition.
27.  Good grades.
28.  Sleep.
29.  My family.
30.  Sigh….  Oh man, I don’t know. Caffeine I guess. It controls my life.
31.  People.
32.  Art minds.
33.  Passion.
34.  Nap time, that’s what I want. Coffee, caffeine.
35.  I don’t… right now that’s how it is.
36.  My kid.
37.  Music.
38.  Art. People. God.
39.  Graphic design… or Kristen.
40.  My family.
41.  The world & coffee.
42.  Passion.
43.  Art.
44.  Music.
45.  Oh, that’s a good question… I don’t even know.
46.  Family & Friends.
47.  I thought I would come up with something of the top of my head… creativity, that’s a good one.
48.  Whoo… we got deep, we got deep quick. Family.
49.  Umm… Charcoal, that’s what drives me today.
50.  What drives me? My children + my passions, sometime they’re the same. I’m giving you too much.
51.  The environment.
52.  What drives me? Creativity. Do that.
53.  Green sprouts.
54.  Hmmm… that s a good question. Perfectionism.
55.  Spirit… I guess…
56.  Caffeine.
57.  Design.
58.  Coffee.
59.  86 Toyota. Land Cruiser. Very fine automobile.
60.  Oh. Um. Hmm. Uh a sense of social obligation. Fear of failure, love of family. Maintaining the above (a Fuel  consuming, expensive, boring old mans car.)
61.  People.
62.  Oh my gosh, Uh. Art seduction.
63.  Vickie Phipps.
64.  Eric.
65.  Crazy people.