Translation Exercise


By April Anderson.

An object translation exercise is a rite of passage for student designers. This classic provides an opportunity to hone skills of visual interpretation. How can the same object be seen many different ways? In GRD 225, we are working toward the conceptual use of form to create narrative. In the translation exercise, designers explore making meaning by observation. How does meaning shifts with every choice… image selection, material, texture, cropping, color, scale…




By Trang (Tracy) Ngo.







By Tony Dzik.





By Nikki Radloff.




The translation exercise  is an opportunity:

          — To become comfortable with seeing from many different points of view.
          — To gain experience in brainstorming and experimentation.
          — To allow oneself to be surprised during ones process.
          — To gain experience in framing questions that inform visual language.
          — To gain experience in leveraging design principles to create visual content.
          — To gain experience in working with a wide range of materials and techniques.
          — To gain experience in bringing your unique personality into creative works.
          — To generate unique imagery.
          — To gain experience in critiquing the work of others and self.
          — To gain experience in editing.

By Erin Williams..


By Rebecca Brosch.





By Holly Scholl.